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It’s been a very, very long time since I sat down to play my first game D&D in 1980; a game that set my inner creative in a direction that I don’t know I can honestly say would have happened if it had not been for the creativity and storytelling that was nurtured (mostly without my knowledge) sitting around with my three best friends and fighting our way through adventures that began as pre-written and guided journeys and quickly evolved into worlds, adventures and quests that were limited by nothing more than our absolute wildest imaginations.

We all received a gift from our time huddled around a small coffee table with our bags of dice and character sheets.  A gift that I know so many of you reading this book are familiar with receiving.  It’s a gift that ran deeper than I, or many others who can identify with what I’m saying could have ever realized.  It was, and remains, a common ground for like minded people.  In its purest form, RPGs can be credited with teaching us at such a young age to understand what it meant to find friends… friends with whom we would not only invite to birthday parties or go to the movies with, but friends with whom we would gladly go into battle.  This is a bond that not only can never be broken, it is a bond that carries over to people we meet throughout our lives.  It’s a way to break the ice and understand that some of the folks we come across are more like us than we could ever think.  It’s a way to look at someone and test the waters in a crowded or hostile social environments by looking at each other before a big presentation or before joining up to meet potential investors at a party and say “let’s do this, man… roll initiative.”  If the person laughs or connects with you at that moment, odds are it’s a person with whom you know you can walk through any door, any time and anywhere.

It’s that thing that has brought the three of us writing this book together in a way that reassured us all within the first conversation about this task that we were all capable of getting on the same page and bringing together and RPG based on my “Rise of the Living Dead” property that will not only do well within the world of the property itself, but that will honor the legend turned global phenomenon by my father, honor the Romero family name and, as importantly as all of that, honor the canon that has been accepted, loved, nurtured and expanded upon by every fan of the undead who was ever inspired to create a single piece of art (images, words, motion pictures, sculptures, songs, lyrics, FX techniques, camera moves, color palettes, creatures, rules, lore, et al).

This RPG is designed to expand the Romero universe into a playground with the same rules that have been installed and expanded upon since 1968, but also with an entirely new set of rules that will provide you all with a way to break out of the status quo and address things within your own minds and/or art that have been burning at some level for a long time.

I encourage you all to expand upon your RPG career with Romero’s Rise and if you’ve never played an RPG before, I encourage you to open your mind and see for yourself just how far an experience within this universe will let you take yourself, your friends, your children and even new people you’ve just met with regard to your individual and group creativity.

I encourage you to free yourself from the cages of your own mind; to free your creativity and your beliefs.

I encourage you to play hard.

– George C. Romero – December, 2017

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