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I talked about this last year on social media and the feedback and interest from everyone was so strong, I’m now pulling all the pieces together to get the Deadverse Podcast off the ground.

This podcast is going to be great! While the nougat center of the podcast is going to be to further the transparency of the production of this project by speaking with members of the crew with dedicated updates about the different elements of the “Rise” property, we are going to have a lot of fun talking with producers, investors, sales and distribution experts, composers, critics and, of course, fans. Every episode will feature a fan interview in a segment dedicated to nothing but the pure love for horror.

Here’s the rub:

Podcasts cost money. Not just a setup fee or a one-time thing, but there are recurring fees for running a podcast, marketing the podcast and doing what it takes to eventually convert the podcast into a video podcast which requires a very small amount of cash to do it all the right way. That’s where the Patreon Page comes in. I have a Patreon Page set up for Romero Pictures as a way to work with and help young filmmakers and one of the tiers is podcast support. It’s not that much and your help and support are appreciated more than you can realize. Of course, if you’re interested, there are other cool tiers of Patronage including a tier with the goal of creating an exclusive Romero Pictures, Patron-only web series called “Moments of Terror.” So check it out and help us out.

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