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too much for just one movie…

“Rise” is a thick story in itself; hose who have read the script will tell you that, I have zero doubt. It’s meant to be and it comes from a place within me that has a lot to say. It’s important to note here though, that the fabric of the story of “Rise” was born from a lifetime of exposure to my dad, his work, his circle of friends, his life with his fans, my own life with his fans, my fans, conventions, filmmakers, authors, gamers, cosplayers, graduate students who have written thesis documents, musicians, poets, artists, f/x artists… the list is long and distinguished. All things considered, it stands to reason that “Rise” digs deep into the history and the canon.

With that said, I have taken extreme care to make sure that the film script has just enough of all the right pieces while leaving the rest to be explored through things like the graphic novels, video games, and the the ultimate sandbox, the RPG.

One of the coolest parts of this whole thing are the graphic novels, which are well underway. With several issues written already and the covers in the more-than-capable hands of my long time friend and trusted illustrator, J.A. Hager, I’m excited to get them into print and delivered to market.

I’m also using the graphic novels as a great place to work on the texture and feel of the story. The tone and mood we are bringing to life on the pages is indicative of what I’m working hard to bring to the screen and I have to say, I think these graphic novels are going to be an amazing piece of the overall story.”

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