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The Deadverse is a very cool place full of love for George A. Romero, everything he created and everything I am working to carry into the future. At its root, this is the simplest explanation.

Upon a deeper dive into the Deadverse, your trip down the rabbit hole will introduce you to the phenomenon that has grown to global epidemic proportions. Whether you are new to the world of zombies or if you’re a seasoned fan with the most die hard of commitments to this world, you will find a place designed to finally pay the proper respect to the Godfather of the modern zombie, and my father, George A. Romero.

While there are countless zombie films, “remakes” and “reimaginings” of my father’s work and enough inspiration for entire generations to never run out of source material, the thing I have noticed over the course of my life as a Romero is that, very much like many of the monsters in the world of entertainment, zombies have been forced into a rather limited playing field with the extremely occasional and rarely good entries that attempt a new spin or twist on the things my father twisted into the stuff of nightmares for entire generations.

This is perfectly acceptable and is directly responsible for so many peoples’ inspirations with regard to their own inner creatives, artistic endeavors, careers in film, F/X, music, art, poetry,
writing and even careers in non-entertainment industries highlighted with Ph.D.s achieved through thesis papers written about my father and his work. He has inspired conventions, cosplay, festivals, zombie walks, haunted houses, film schools and so much more,
and the best part about the man was that he honestly and truly never looked at himself the way the rest of us did and do. The downfall to this is that he never truly saw just how special he was or just how amazing his accomplishments were to all of us.


The Deadverse is a place to which I will welcome those of us with true love for my father and his work. It’s a place where the canon is law, the rules are simple and the sandbox is expanding. It’s a place where we are encouraged to use our imagination and where our imagination is never wrong.


When I was a kid, I was exposed to my father’s work and I lived for D&D. I was a role playing fiend. I would spend my time playing the RPG and trying to work my dad’s creatures and his world into it at every turn.

Now, 50 years after “Night,” I’m doing just that and introducing you all to my Deadverse. Bring your dice and your imagination and become part of the Deadverse yourself. Become a part of the “Rise of the Living Dead” by entering through the RPG, staying for the movie, discovering all the new and amazing pieces of the Deadverse, immersing yourself into the VR of it all, joining your friends in the downloadable app, participate in conversations through the podcast and go on the long journey that the series will take us on.

And know that we are all on this trip together and have come together with the common thread of a love for all things Dead and Undead.

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