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If the VR stuff is the most technologically exciting stuff to me then the Deadverse App is the best part of it for the phone-game-nerd in me.

Without giving away the details of the game just yet, I’m excited to tell you that it’s a game you will actually want to play with your real life friends. It’s a TOPO-REALITY based experience that uses geo-location to pit you and your friends as allies or foes with rewards that you can enjoy in the real world.

As a true entry into the Deadverse, it will help if you’ve got a wild imagination because while the APP-OCALYPSE is a mobile game, the real world experiences and interactions will require an RPG state of mind, to some degree; a willingness to embark on an adventure at a moment’s notice and the interest in experiencing the world around us as what it really is… just another piece of our Deadverse.

We are working hard to get this into beta and I’ll be making announcements both here and across the social media platforms with ways for inhabitants of the Deadverse to get limited early access to the app through the Google Play Store and the Apple App and iTunes Stores.

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