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This is one of the most exciting aspects of the Deadverse from a technical POV!

I’ve developed some amazing things in my day, commercials and creative strategy campaigns for some exciting product launches, helped to build some next-level startups, etc… but The Deadverse is by far the closest to my heart and the most exhilarating on so many levels.

Storytelling technology has advanced at unbelievable rates and while some say VR is new 3D and will pass as quickly as it arrived, others believe it’s the way of the future. I tend to believe the latter and I’m excited to be developing VR companion elements to the Deadverse.  These elements include a portion of the film’s budget dedicated to creating supplementary and second screen content alongside production of the feature film.

This content will include original featurettes with supplemental storylines to the feature film, behind the scenes footage from set, a look at the f/x from conception to completion and more.

I’ve recently been absolutely blown away by a marriage of technology and art for which I was lucky enough to receive a demo and I’m bursting at the seams to spill all the details about… but I can’t just yet.

Details will be coming shortly, but I can tell you that this VR element of the Deadverse is one of the most immersive and fun experiences I could think of for us. It is going to give us a next generation sandbox to play in as a community while creating something brand new on another plane!

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