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If you’ve made it here then odds are you are either a fan of my father’s, a fan of mine, a fan of zombies, the legacy created by my father, someone who is curious to see this whole thing come together, or someone who just wants to watch the project like some people watch NASCAR, for the wrecks. No matter who you are or why you’re here, I’m happy you are. This is just the launch version of the site. I will be adding much more cool shit as we go, so bookmark this page, use the convenient social buttons at the bottom of every page to share it across your own networks, recruit fans and spread the word because it’s my pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the rise.


In the event that you didn’t notice the giant logo at the top of this page and are the type who prefers explanation to exploration, the DEADVERSE is the world we live in that started with our own big bang, otherwise known as “Night of the Living Dead.” As you scroll through this site and see everything that I and my band of horror misfits are working to bring to life, you will see that the Deadverse is a very cool place full of love for George A. Romero, everything he created and everything I am working to carry into the future.

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